The place of ladies in the local church cannot be underestimated.  Here at Fellowship Baptist Church our Loyal Ladies do much care for the ministry.  In addition to weekly opportunities to minister and serve, there are many avenues by which our ladies fellowship and challenge one another in their walks with the Lord.  God has blessed FBC with a thriving ladies ministry.  Approximately 40-50 Loyal Ladies meet monthly for fellowship and feasting on the Word of God.  Our Loyal Ladies are led by Mrs. Donna Hubers and Mrs. Jessica Hubers.  These two wives of our pastors have been used by God to see loyal and lasting change in the ladies of FBC.  Opportunites for service abound…

  • Annual Ladies Tea
  • Ladies Craft Nights
  • Seasonal In-Home Gatherings
  • Annual Mother & Daughter Banquet
  • Monthly Ladies Bible Study & Fellowship

Noah Webster defines a “monument” as a building, stone or other thing placed or erected to remind men of the person who raised it.  That is the goal of our men’s ministry, “monuMENts”.  It is our desire at Fellowship Baptist to see men who erect and fashion their lives as monuMENts for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our burden is to see the men of FBC strive to build their lives on the Word of God as that is the only foundation that has stood the tests and trials of time.  We believe that God has called our men to be the backbone of our ministry, therefore we count heavily on them to lead their families and set a Biblical example for our young men.  Our men have weekly and monthly opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth. Opportunities are as follows

  • Annual Men’s Steakout
  • Weekly Men’s Prayer Meeting
  • Monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Monthly Men’s Bible Reading Fellowship

There are other arenas in which are men are called upon to serve.  FBC is blessed to have such a willing group of men to be servants and leaders within the church of God.


Seniors Serving…that is the picture you will get of the senior citizens at Fellowship Baptist Church.  God has richly blessed us with a great variety of age groups at FBC, and we believe some of the best seniors for which a church could ask.  Our seniors play a vital role in the ongoing and ever abundant ministries of FBC.  Ministries such as Vacation Bible School, church choir, Sunday school, evangelism, and our church nursery are just a few of the areas in which our senior have a great influence.It’s an honor for Pastor Hubers to be able to spend a special and set apart time with our seniors throughout the year.  There are two specific occasions that are an annual highlight for our senior saints.  The Autumn Adventure is a beautiful trip that Pastor and Donna take with our seniors every fall to view the majestic landscape and wonderful attractions of Lancaster County, Pa.  The day is spent in fellowship, traveling to a various venues for shopping and a filling meal.  Another evening that Pastor sets apart with our seniors is the annual Christmas Dinner.  This is a time in which Pastor challenges our seniors from God’s Word in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Accompanying Pastor’s Christmas challenge is a fantastic banquet style meal for all seniors in attendance.  The evening is not without laughs as our senior will exchange their annual “white elephant” gifts with each other.There is never a time in which we get “too old” to serve.  We invite you to come and see for yourself a church where “Seniors Serving” is very much a reality.