The place of ladies in the local church cannot be underestimated.  Here at Fellowship Baptist Church our Loyal Ladies do much care for the ministry.  In addition to weekly opportunities to minister and serve, there are many avenues by which our ladies fellowship and challenge one another in their walks with the Lord.  God has blessed FBC with a thriving ladies ministry.  Approximately 40-50 Loyal Ladies meet monthly for fellowship and feasting on the Word of God.  Our Loyal Ladies are led by Mrs. Donna Hubers and Mrs. Jessica Hubers.  These two wives of our pastors have been used by God to see loyal and lasting change in the ladies of FBC.  Opportunites for service abound…

  • Annual Ladies Tea
  • Ladies Craft Nights
  • Seasonal In-Home Gatherings
  • Annual Mother & Daughter Banquet
  • Monthly Ladies Bible Study & Fellowship